Exhibitor Application

Deadline for application was December 2nd, 2013. Applications will still be accepted after this point but will be placed on an automatic waitlist.

Tables are approximately 8' x 2', and exhibitors are encouraged to share a table if they feel they do not have enough product to require full use of the space.

Full Table (8 feet, $75.00)
Half Table (4 feet, $37.50)
Third Table (2.7 feet, $25.00)
Quarter Table (2 feet, $18.75)

(Please note that your partner(s)-of-choice must submit their own application, which is subject to approval.)

You should receive confirmation of your application within 24 hours; if you do not, please check your spam filters, then e-mail us to confirm your application was received. Invitations will be issued after the deadline upon review of all applications.