Comics <3 Games is a celebration of Vancouver’s vibrant game development community. Come experience a curated showcase of local indie and experimental games at this year’s Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, in Room B!

Comics <3 Games is the first event of its kind in Vancouver. It aims to encourage attendees passionate about comics to interact with Vancouver’s diverse game development community in the hope of fostering connections between both communities.

Student Games
Beep by Nancy Chen, Danielle Ragas, Josephine Ryu, Christopher Wong, Wan-Teen Yang
Pawned by Andrey Goncharov, Boyee Lam, Christy Chan, Fretice Wang
Sword Ship by Anmol Singh, Ari Khuyagbaatar, Bryan Tai, Raphael Chang Menoni, Maggie Chen, Max Wei, Maxim Tsai, Sunny Lee
PaperCut by Trevin Wong, Sean Allen, Alison Wu, Ryan Wirth
DASH by Jay Friso

Developer Games
Wandersong by Greg Lobanov & A Shell in the Pit
Celeste by Matt Makes Games & Friends
The Hex by Daniel Mullins, Jonah Senzel
Iron Tides by Crash Wave Games
Rhiannon by Brendan Vance
East Van EP by CeMelusine
Media is Dead, You Are Alive by Jord Farrell, Mark Sparling
Virtua Blinds by daffodil
Stack-Cato by Kevan Yip, Sadie Yoon, Scott Thompson, Zach Vogel, Yurim Lee

Curator Games
Comics <3 Games is curated by Claris Cyarron, Maurice Grela and Leanne Roed.

Glitchhikers by Lucas J.W. Johnson, Andrew Grant Wilson, ceMelusine, Claris Cyarron, Devin Vibert, Jacob Burgess, Power Up Audio
Holoscope by Ivy Edwards Wilson, Mitchell Skarupa, Ryan Hammar, Maurice Grela, Lucie Holloway
Cribbage With Grandpas by Leanne Roed, Justin Smith


Special thanks to Full Indie, Hand Eye Society, Silverstring Media and Less Than Three Interactive for helping organize this event!