Ben Duncan


Ben Duncan is a Vancouver-based artist and printmaker specializing in narratives of transformation and metamorphosis, predominantly of the pathological sort. Characters are split, flayed, engorged, sexually tantalized, seared and ultimately, canonized for the reader?s perusal. They approach their own trauma with surprising objective countenance and are afforded an often bemused outlook on the proceedings. He tries to present the beauty of a character?s internal life, either by showing what the meat and bone are up to, or by the honest effort of their own expression of a given emotional state. Often the former is conveyed with more ease, but it is the latter that lies at the heart of his most ardent desire as a creator. His work has been featured in the Best American Comics Anthology series in 2015 for Blane Throttle and in 2017 for his self-published Ball Means 1 collection.