My work has evolved quite a bit over the course of a year since I began making comics. Although this is not a long time I have since fallen in love with comics and have a range of works that include 3 different full vellum comics using its materiality to think through giving up space and how we think of space, time and linearity in our narratives. These works have more of an art book and conceptual feel while other works such as ?Moonbucks?, a collaboration with the zine artist Irene Lam or Asterisk Press, have a silly and interactive page arrangement when the reader can choose their narrative. Upcoming projects include a current project with artist Damian Lee or CalamityHorror is a work more serious in nature thinking about networks. And digital comic (to be released late December 2018 on my website explored queerness among many other identities through an action thriller adventure of a girl and her robotic rabbit on the hunt for ice pops.