Steve Rolston


Steve Rolston has illustrated stories in a wide range of genres, mostly in the comic book medium. He won an Eisner Award as the original artist on the spy comic Queen & Country and he has received Shuster Award nominations and a Cybils Award for drawing the teen graphic novel Emiko Superstar.

His other comic illustration credits include Ghost Projekt, Everafter, Public Relations, Mek, Pounded, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Escapists, and Degrassi: Extra Credit. While he most often works with writers, Steve has gone solo on a few comics such as the cartoony Jack Spade & Tony Two-Fist and his slacker noir graphic novel One Bad Day.

Steve also spent 12 years teaching the art of comic book storytelling at the VanArts school. His animation work includes storyboarding Littlest Pet Shop and Marvel Avengers Assemble, as well as writing & directing the Minecraft Mini Series cartoons.