Katherine Collins

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Katherine Collins, born in Vancouver, was known as Arn Saba until 1993 when she came out as a trans woman. Arn’s mother and great-grandmother were both published cartoonists, and they started drawing comics at around age six. In 1977, they moved to Toronto and began appearing on, and eventually writing and producing for, the CBC Radio program Morningside, and other shows. They produced nearly 100 skits, adapting classic newspaper strips. In 1979, they wrote and produced The Continuous Art, a five-part CBC documentary, exploring comics’ cultural ghettoization. It featured interviews with some of cartooning’s greatest names. Their character Neil the Horse ran in Canadian newspapers from 1975-1982, and subsequently starred in fifteen comic books, from 1983–88. Neil was the first (and last) musical comic book, with original songs. There was a five-part Neil musical comedy play on CBC in 1982. In 1993, Katherine was obliged to leave comics. This year’s The Collected Neil the Horse book is her first return to the field. She continues to live in Vancouver.

Collins will be inducted into the Giants of the North, the Canadian Cartooning Hall of Fame at this year’s Doug Wright Awards.