Marv Newland

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Marv Newland is an animated motion picture director, animator, and cartoonist/illustrator. In 1969 he made the black and white animated film, BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA. He founded the animation studio International Rocketship Limited in Vancouver, Canada in 1975. Marv contributed illustrations to: Vancouver, Outside Go, Saturday Night, Georgia Straight, Discorder, Time, Travel Etc., Geist, and La Poudriere magazines. His comic art appeared in all editions of Fog City comics. Pines & Palms published yearly books of drawings from Marl?s Sketchbooks from 1988 – 2000. Since 2011 Marv and International Rocketship are located on Mayne Island in the Salish Sea between Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. Marv continues to illustrate and make animated short movies, most recently SCRATCHY (2016).