Nina Matsumoto, Ian Boothby, & David Dedrick

Creators / Featured Guests

Team Sparks! is writer Ian Boothby and artist Nina Matsumoto (who won an Eisner Award together in 2009), introducing colourist David Dedrick. Ian is best known for his work on “Simpsons Comics.” He currently writes cartoons for The New Yorker and MAD Magazine, and co-created “ExorSisters” for Image Comics with artist Gisèle Lagacé. Nina also worked on “Simpsons Comics” and designs video game merchandise for Fangamer. She is the creator of “Yokaiden” and has drawn for numerous indie comic anthologies. David debuted as a colourist on “Sparks!” and his work has been widely praised by critics and readers. All three live in the Lower Mainland.

“Sparks!” is a Scholastic graphic novel for kids about two cats who who disguise themselves as a dog to save the world. It’s made numerous “Best of 2018” lists and inspired many children to read to their pets.