VanCAF’s goal is to build the community of comic book creators in Vancouver and beyond, and that applies to kids and teenagers too!

Throughout the weekend we will be offering hands-on lessons with VanCAF’s exhibitors, introducing kids to the basics of comic book creation, to help inspire the next generation of writers, artists, and cartoonists.


10:30 AM Doug Savage and Naomi Rubin
11:00 AM Leslie Pulsifer and Matt MacFarland
11:30 AM Gabrielle Ng and Hannako Lambert
12:00 PM Lindsay Ishihiro and Gilbert Armendariz
12:30 PM Esther Chen and Ben Sears
1:00 PM Jazz Groden-Gilchrist and Molly Applejohn
1:30 PM Brynne Johnston and Travis Sengaus
2:00 PM Matthew Seely and Rachel Weiss
2:30 PM Elizabeth Pau and Arthur Chen

Tea Time with Katie O’Neill at 3:00 PM on Saturday in the Arts & Crafts Room
Join Katie O’Neill, the creator of Princess Princess Ever After and The Tea Dragon Society, for a teatime chat! Kids can learn more about the New Zealand based self-taught writer and illustrator while discussing how books get made, how to draw comics, and their favorite kinds of tea!



10:30 AM Janice Liu and Ben Sears
11:00 AM Jonathon Dalton and Courtney La Forest
11:30 AM Drawing Animals with Stephanie Hovden and Abby Howard
12:00 PM Inkspill Comics
12:30 PM Siobhan Smith and Jessi Jordan
1:00 PM Gregery J Miller and Erika Rier
1:30 PM Beatrice Moore and Colin Lorimer
2:00 PM Stephen Crowe and Melanie Amaral
2:30 PM Georgia Henderson and Haiwei

Monster Battle Time KO at 3:00 PM on Sunday in the Arts & Crafts Room
Three artists go head-to-head for ultimate glory in this amazing draw-off! Selected audience members will give descriptions of monsters, which will be drawn by three different artists AT THE SAME TIME! A super-fun panel full of laughs and enjoyment. Kid-friendly!