VanCAF’s goal is to build the community of comic book creators in Vancouver and beyond, and that applies to kids and teenagers too!

Throughout the weekend we will be offering hands-on lessons with VanCAF’s exhibitors, introducing kids to the basics of comic book creation, to help inspire the next generation of writers, artists, and cartoonists.

Each session will be 30-minutes, and they will take place in the Roundhouse’s Arts & Crafts room.

Saturday May 20  Sunday May 21 
 10:30 AM – Jayd Ait-Kaci  10:30 AM – Jess Pollard
 11:00 AM – Ben Sears  11:00 AM – Matthew Seely
11:30 AM – Hannako  11:30 AM – Haley Boros 
12:00 PM – Derek Toye  12:00 PM – Kelly Tindall
12:30 PM – Durwin S. Talon & E. Guin Thompson  12:30 PM – Kim Smith
1:00 PM – Ron Chan  1:00 PM – Mike Lawrence
1:30 PM – Savannah Tait   1:30 PM – Rachel “Tuna” Petrovicz
2:00 PM – Kean Soo   2:00 PM – Jonathan Dalton
2:30 PM – Sarah Chan  2:30 PM – Lucy Bellwood & Mariana Yatsuda Ikuta
3:00 PM – Jonathan Case  3:00 PM – Cole Pauls 
 3:30 PM – Comics workshop for teens with Dawson Ross 3:30 PM – Comics workshop for teens with Dawson Ross

At 3:30 PM each day teenage comic creator Dawson Ross will be teaching a hands-on workshop on how to draw for comic books. He will teach how to draw facial expressions, parts of the body, and bodies in motion/at rest for comics. This workshop is open to everyone, but the content is designed for kids and teenagers.