VanCAF is proud to announce that we have partnered with local comic book shop Lucky’s Comics to create a new on-site experience: Lucky’s Lounge.

Lucky’s Lounge brings together artists focused on DIY and self-made books, and features artists who are creating new dynamic experimental and inspirational work. It’s a chance to create a space to elevate the voices of unique artists that hold a special place in the comics landscape.

Adam Sarjeant
Agony Klub
Alison Bosley
Amy Brereton
Andrea Lukic
Bjorn Miner
Cold Cube Press
Cole Pauls
Dana Kearley
Daria Tessler
Eli Howey
Forge Art Magazine
Freddie Hubert
Gridlords Publication
Hayley Dawn Muir
Hue Nguyen
Hiller Goodspeed
Jack Loot
Kirsten Hatfield
Lincoln Gogo
Marita MW
Marlena Vallis
Moniker Press
Neoglyphic Media
Perro Verlag
Ross Jackson
Rough House
Samuel Morgan
Swampcone Mag
Ted Gudlat
W.T. Frick
Xia Gordon